The Ultimate Brand Primer Template

The Ultimate Brand Primer Template will help you and your stakeholders get clear about your brand equity. This template goes beyond a Style Guide and provides a framework for what makes your brand special and why you'll win in-market.

Have you gotten creative assets that just miss the mark because your creative partner just didn't understand your brand?

Have you gone with your broker to a sales meeting and heard them botch a simple question? 

If this sounds familiar, you know that you have work to do on communicating your brand. 

brand bible

Imagine if you could:

nourishing food marketing grapefruit logo Effortlessly onboard new partners and employees to your brand and products

nourishing food marketing grapefruit logo Get to the deep conversations, faster, with partners by sending them ONE document

nourishing food marketing grapefruit logo Easily create your custom Brand Primer without an expensive agency or hours of your valuable time

Your Brand Primer is your source of truth.

It is the go-to document for everything about your brand and your products. It will help you:

nourishing food marketing checkmark Get organized and put your story down on paper in a professional document

nourishing food marketing checkmark Quickly onboard internal and external team members such as new employees, agencies, brokers, and merchandisers

nourishing food marketing checkmark Create a consistent look & feel with consistent messaging across all of your assets

nourishing food marketing checkmark Work more efficiently with creatives to create on-brand assets with less rework (eg, save money and time)

Are you ready to make brand champions out of all your stakeholders?

Explore the Ultimate Brand Primer Template:

OK, you may be thinking - I should capture my brand on paper. But why do I need The Ultimate Brand Primer Template? It will help you:

nourishing food marketing checkmark save time with a cleverly designed template

nourishing food marketing checkmark confidently cover the most important aspects of your brand with our prompts

nourishing food marketing checkmark create brand clarity (no more disorganized brand documents!)


"I love how the Brand Primer Template is broken down into different stages. It's become my go-to document to send whenever I meet someone new. Our partners just get who we are now with Pebble's Brand Primer!"

- Nayoung Kim, CEO and Founder of Pebble Naturals



You'll Receive:

  • 33 Page Ultimate Brand Primer Template
  • Prompts and Examples on Each Slide
  • Both Powerpoint and Google Slides files
  • Real Live Example of Tiny Hero's Brand Primer

You'll Invest:

  • Only $99
  • 1-2 hours of your time to fill out the Brand Primer Template

nourishing food marketing grapefruit logo PLUS, GET A FREE BONUS MINI VIDEO AUDIT! nourishing food marketing grapefruit logo

Share your finished Brand Primer with me and I'll send you a free mini video audit. Get a second set of (highly trained) eyes on your Brand Primer to increase its clarity. I'll identify areas where what you've written may not make sense to an outsider, is too generic, or may not fit into your overall brand story