Create a Marketing Strategy for your CPG food or beverage brand by working with us one-on-one. We'll do a deep dive into your brand, identify opportunity areas, and develop an actionable Marketing Strategy with tactics, estimated budgets, and timelines just for your business.

Get unstuck by collaborating with me to establish your Business Objectives, Marketing Objectives, and appropriate Marketing Tactics. We'll use the framework outlined in my Definitive Guide to Creating a Marketing Strategy for Food & Beverage Brands to build your results-driven marketing plan. This Marketing Strategy will effectively (achieve your goals) and efficiently (with the least amount of time & money) grow your business.

We'll get you on the right track with marketing strategies that impress your stakeholders and retailer partners by:

create marketing plan
deep dive marketing materials

Doing a deep dive of all of your marketing assets, past marketing programs, and data from your website and social media platforms.

discuss input marketing strategy

Discussing and iterating on our recommendations to establish your Business Objectives, Marketing Objectives, and Marketing Tactics.

develop build marketing strategy

Developing a 100% custom Marketing Strategy complete with proposed budgets, timelines, and metrics.


"Your Marketing Strategy process was really helpful and informative, and we enjoyed working with you.  We loved your organization and structure throughout the process, and we learned so much about creating a well-defined Marketing Strategy.  Thank you!"

- Eriko Dowd, Founder and CEO, Zellee Organic

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You'll Receive: 

  • Three month Marketing Objectives and Tactics Plan, including recommended budgets, timelines, and metrics
  • Proven framework for getting clear on your Marketing Objectives and growing your business
  • Expert guidance from a former food founder and Big Food brand marketer that has worked with 12+ emerging CPG brands

You'll Invest: 

  • $4999
  • 3-4 hours to collaborate with me on your marketing strategy creation
    • send me documents to onboard me to your brand
    • align on Business and Marketing Objectives
    • share your past Marketing tactics and results
    • provide feedback to my recommended Marketing Tactic prioritization