Brand Marketing Diagnostic

Our Brand Marketing Diagnostic will help you get clear about your brand equity. This tool provides a framework to establish what makes your brand special and why you'll win in-market.

Have you walked into a meeting feeling less-than-confident because you know your brand needs work?

Have you heard feedback from investors or buyers that your brand story needs to be clearer? 

As a food founder myself, I've felt that same uncertainty. That's why I created the Brand Marketing Diagnostic - to help food and beverage CPGs build strong brands.

brand marketing diagnostic

Imagine if you could confidently walk into every meeting and know exactly who you are & why you'll be a household brand

The Brand Marketing Diagnostic draws from my work with 20+ emerging CPG food and beverage brands over the last two years. It will help you:

nourishing food marketing checkmark Understand the 4 essential Brand Marketing and Product pillars that constitute your Brand Equity 

nourishing food marketing checkmark Diagnose opportunity areas to strengthen your brand equity and improve your branding

nourishing food marketing checkmark Dig deep and get clear on what your brand stands for with thoughtful prompts and clear examples

nourishing food marketing checkmark Choose the powerful words that explain your brand so others just 'get it'

nourishing food marketing checkmark Quickly create a single professional document that tells your story

Are you ready to get a clear picture of your brand and what you need to work on?

Our 4-Part Framework Will Help You Gain Clarity:

Section 1: Hello, Nice to Meet You!
who you are and why

At the most basic level, why should someone care about what you're doing? What are the foundational truths about your brand that make you unique?

Section 2: Product Deep Dive
how your products fulfill your brand promise

There are dozens of products on shelf that, at first-glance, are just like yours. What makes your product stand out?

Section 3: Brand Identity System
how your brand looks and feels

What are the visual cues that tell consumers that something is yours? Our brains first see shapes, then colors, and finally text. What our brand looks like is more important than the words we use in driving consumer trial - what we say helps later in the consumer funnel, in building loyalty. 

Section 4: Brand Examples
how your brand comes to life in the real world

As you work with more creatives to help you bring your brand to work, these examples become critical for on-boarding different functional experts on who you are.

All right, you might be thinking - I should do the hard work of evaluating my brand health. But why should you work with Nourishing Food Marketing? 

nourishing food marketing grapefruit logo I've developed the brand equity of 20+ brands 

nourishing food marketing grapefruit logo I've started three brands from scratch in the past three years - one as a food founder myself

nourishing food marketing grapefruit logo Our proven method combines our Brand Marketing Diagnostic tool with a 90 minute Coaching call with me. I'm a third party, objective expert that will help you thoughtfully evaluate your Brand Health


"It was an incredibly useful exercise to work with Christie on our Brand Marketing Diagnostic!  Her work helped us to identify where we need to elevate our brand, and she also helped to roll up her sleeves and work with us to simplify and clarify our branding as well.  I'd definitely recommend Nourishing Food Marketing to any other brand!"

- Jeff Burbank, CEO and Founder of Fluid Cold Brew

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You'll Receive:

  • Brand Marketing Diagnostic Tool
  • Prompts and Examples on Each Slide
  • 90 Minute Coaching Call: I'll help build upon what you put together and with deep listening, help bring your story to life
  • Real Live Example of Tiny Hero's Brand Marketing Diagnostic

You'll Invest:

  • $499
  • 1-2 hours to fill out the Brand Marketing Diagnostic Tool
  • 90 Minutes for our 1-on-1 Coaching Call

Here's how it works:

1 - You commit to working on getting clear on your Brand Equity and purchase the Brand Marketing Diagnostic!

2 - You set aside 1 to 2 hours to do the deep, thoughtful work of filling it out

3 - Send me your completed Brand Marketing Diagnostic Tool. Then, we'll set up a 90 minute Coaching Call. I'll identify opportunity areas and offer suggestions on how to improve your Brand Marketing. We'll brainstorm and collaboratively workshop one or two slides together. As a third party expert, I'm not afraid to tell you what I think and I will always compassionately give you constructive feedback. Bolstered with my insights, you'll continue the hard work of building your Brand Equity!

Here's what it isn't:

It's not magic and it's not effortless. If you don't have a fully formed brand, expect to do the hard work of building your brand. The tool gives you a framework to use, plus examples, prompts, and resources, but it doesn't give you all the answers. Consider this the first step in your journey to strengthening your Brand Equity- so you know exactly what you don't know.