Imagine the power of describing your brand in 100 words. The Brand DNA workbook is for scrappy brands who want to DIY their brand strategy. 

If you've ever felt the agony of fumbling for the right words to answer, 'Tell me about your brand'...

If you've deliberated endlessly about making a choice that you later realized was a clear decision to stay true to your brand promise...

If you've left an important meeting thinking, 'Why didn't she understand what I'm doing?'...

The Brand DNA Workbook for Food and Beverage Brands will help you craft your Mission, Values, Beliefs, and Product Benefits!

brand dna

Imagine a future with:

nourishing food marketing grapefruit logo Words at-the-ready to describe who you are that no one else can use

nourishing food marketing grapefruit logo Creatives who understand you and make assets that absolutely sing with your brand essence 

nourishing food marketing grapefruit logo Where you walk into meetings confidently and passionately because you know why you're special

Your Brand DNA is:

nourishing food marketing checkmark An internal driver behind consumer-facing messages and your brand assets. Your North Star.

nourishing food marketing checkmark A guiding filter to assess - is this 'me'? 

nourishing food marketing checkmark Aspirational - something you and anyone who works you with can rally around!

Are you ready to get epic clarity and confidence in your Brand's DNA?

The Brand DNA Workbook will dive deep into your:

nourishing food marketing grapefruit logo Mission - the reason you go to work every day

nourishing food marketing grapefruit logo Values - the set of principles that you uphold above all else

nourishing food marketing grapefruit logo Beliefs - dictate who you are, what you do, and how you do it

nourishing food marketing grapefruit logo Product Benefits - the value you bring to the consumer

In the workbook, I will:

nourishing food marketing checkmark Define what Mission, Values,  Beliefs, and Product Benefits are

nourishing food marketing checkmark Review other Brand DNA examples

nourishing food marketing checkmark Provide brainstorming how-tos on how to generate ideas and then select the words that best describe the heart of your brand

After you do the hard work, you'll have 100 words that speak the power of your brand. See for yourself:

Tiny Hero Brand DNA

You'll notice that Tiny Hero's Brand DNA is completely different from any other quinoa brand. Their values become a check and guiding post for business decisions going forward, from the look and feel of creative to ingredient sourcing decisions. Tiny Hero's Beliefs communicate why they're uniquely positioned to achieve its Mission and identifies an enemy to fight against (Big Food) to bring depth to your brand. 


You'll Receive: 

  • Brand DNA workbook in PDF format

You'll Invest: 

  • $499
  • 2-4 hours of time to fill out the Brand DNA Workbook